What are you using the camera for?

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Before you choose a camera, you need to be clear on what you are using it for. There are many different uses for a CCTV camera. Certain cameras are better suited to certain uses. Below is a list of some common uses.


What determines the quality of a cameras recorded footage?

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There are many factors that impact image quality, the most important include:


Real world compromises

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In the real world there are always compromises that will affect the quality of your CCTV solution. You should be aware of the cost that these compromises have on the final outcome:

Note: Some surveillance companies offer motion only recording or low bitrate recording which does reduce the cost of the system but won't give you the result you require. Camvex recommends 'continuous' AND 'motion' or just continuous, because we have found motion only recording often misses vital sequence of events leading up to an incident or misses the incident all together. Camvex also ensures that the image resolution is given an adequate bitrate to maintain the quality of the recorded footage.


Reading Specifications

Don't be fooled by many cheaper CCTV camera manufacturers stating they use one of Sony's imaging sensors chips in their cameras. Sony is one of only a handful of companies that manufacture CCD camera chips themselves. Many manufacturers do use Sony CCD's in their cameras but most do not offer the entire imaging solution, which consist of 3 major components which are;

Examples of Sony's imaging technologies can be explored by clicking this link ->

The video below demonstrates how Sony test and specify the lighting characteristics of their cameras


IP Cameras, what's the difference?

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IP cameras, although more expensive, offer many benefits over traditional analogue cameras, these include:


PTZ cameras what's the benefit?

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There has been tremendous growth in PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras over the past few years. This is due to clients realizing the flexibility they get from a PTZ camera over 'fixed' cameras. Advancements have been gained in both PTZ technology and improved user interfaces. Some of these benefits include: