ANPR - Number Plate Capture Solutions

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a specialized video analytic that uses a special ANPR camera that is designed to capture a vehicles number plate in various challenging conditions and automatically recognise plates using OCR. Typically up to 4000 vehicle plates can be captured. Users can search plates based on a partial or whole plate number or by time period, returning all plates captured in that time period. Plates can be placed on a block/black list to provide notification and event flagging.
An ANPR capture solution should not be confused with the Video MetaData feature, although they can complement each other. True ANPR solutions require an ANPR camera to capture and recognise plates in extreme conditions. ANPR solutions can be added to your existing system or be stand-alone using 4G cellular connectivity.

Common Uses for ANPR (Rego capture)

Below: Example plate capture and recognition at night anpr sample image