A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) CCTV Solutions

Face Recognition

Face recognition allows you to compare captured faces from a camera channel configured for face recognition and compare them with either existing faces in the database or from images you provided (upload). There can be 2 types of alarming modes related to facial recognition which are referred to as ‘General alarm’ and ‘Stranger alarm’. With ‘General alarm’ you can for example create a face database for ‘banned’ people or VIPs and then you can get alerted when someone in one of these databases is detected. Conversely if you configure ‘Stranger Alarm’ mode you could create a face database with all your staff or trusted people in it, then you can be notified when someone NOT in the database is detected in a certain area.

Benefits and uses of Face Recognition

Face Recognition can be used for many applications. You may wish to be notified when certain people enter your premises. You may wish to be notified when someone who is NOT 'authorised' enters a sensitive area. Face Recognition can also be used to aid in managing 'self-exclusion' systems in Gaming and Liquor venues.

Face Detection

Face detection allows you to search footage from a camera configured for face detection, based on captured images of human faces presented in a thumbnail list.
Face Detection should not be confused with 'Face Recognition' which compares faces. Below Face Detection thumbnail search example.