ID Capture Systems

The growing number of violent incidents at venues has put tremendous pressure on government and law enforcement bodies to address the problem. Venue operators who wish to keep their late trading hours need to take pro-active steps to reduce such incidents that both reduce their patronage and financial return.

While conventional CCTV provides coverage of the incident, they don’t provide the name or address of the individual. As a deterrent tool the difference between conventional CCTV and ID capture is that patrons perceive CCTV cameras as being able to capture their physical appearance and actions but not “WHO” they are easily.

Having patrons go through the PROCESS of having “WHO” they are captured before entering your venue makes them feel more accountable for any anti-social behaviour that may occur later.

Located at the venue entrance or reception, an entrance camera surveys the door person greeting the patron and checking that their ID is acceptable. The door person then inserts the ID card into the IDBOX, the inbuilt camera captures video footage of the ID card on the venues DVR. If management are later required to verify a customer has been checked for suitable ID, they have all the necessary proof which can eliminate possible fines or loss of liquor licence.

Camvex offers an extensive range of CCTV equipment for licensed venue applications supporting MP-CCTV (Multi-Platform CCTV) which include all current CCTV technologies such as Analogue, 960H, IP, and HD-SDI.


The ID Box

The 'ID Box' allows the ID capture process to be integrated into your existing CCTV system where it can be reviewed the same way you currently review footage.

       ID Capture Box

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ID Scanner Kiosk

ID capture Scanner

The ID scanner kiosk is designed to digitally scan each ID which allows for easy searching and ability to flag and store persons as banned.

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