Camvex Surveillance Recorders

Our recorders are built using custom firmware designed for local conditions & regulations we also use 'Enterprise AV Surveillance' hard disk drives to maximize storage life. Surveillance drives are more expensive than normal hard disk drives, they offer more guaranteed operating hours and employ advanced spin down algorithms and use multiple read/write heads to minimize the load the of continuous recording. The Freedom Server range have many options for redundancy including RAID 1, 5, 10 and dual power supplies and health diagnostics.


Omega embedded Recorders

Omega Surveillance Recorders Omega embedded recorders come in SD DVR, HD DVR (CVI), NVR and HVR models ranging from D1 resolution to full HD (1080p) resolution and higher. All these devices are compatible with the new Australian made Freedom VMS. All units have an intuitive point and click mouse operation that eliminates the need for a keyboard. The units also include 2x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI port, VGA Port other features include simultaneous, continuous and motion recording, choice of CBR or VBR. All Omega recorders can be viewed remotely if you have a public IP address or locally when connected to a network. iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8 apps are available to view live video on your mobile device.  


Freedom Server Range

Freedom MPCCTV ServerFreedom Servers offer full MP-CCTV support which allow you to choose almost any combination of HD or SD technologies including Analogue, IP ⁄ ONVIF, HD-SDI and 960H across a choice of cable infrastructures including coax, CAT5/6 and fibre.

Freedom Servers are available in Mono, Hybrid & Tribrid solutions with recording capacities of up to 64 Terabytes.

Supporting synchronised playback across multiple recorders from multiple manufacturers concurrently while utilize intuitive eMap navigation on live view and on playback

Freedom Server Pro™ support transcoded playback, this feature re-encodes the HD main stream recording to a choice of 3 lower bitrate transcode profiles to allow playback over low bandwidth connections from remote sites.


Maxima embedded HD-SDI Recorders

Maxima HD-SDIThe new Maxima HD-SDI range offer HD recording of HD-SDI camera over existing COAX cabling available in 4, 8 and 16 channel units

HD-SDI offers near latency free video over traditional quality coax cabling infrastructure

Migrating to HD surveillance via a HD-SDI solution that utilizes your existing COAX cabling can be a more cost effective and less complex to setup then an IP based solution.


Power Reliability and Consistency

The reliability and consistency of the power provided to your DVR's and cameras can have a large effect on the long term reliability of both your DVR's and the actual cameras connected to the DVR's. Camvex recommends all your DVR's be connected to a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). DVR's are constantly writing data to disk drives and when power is lost abruptly, sometimes corruption can occur, this can largely be eliminated with the addition of a UPS.

A UPS does add to the cost of a surveillance system and generally needs to be replaced or re-packed every 3-5 years to maintain effectiveness. This cost will pay for itself over time with less service calls, down-time and equipment replacement cost.

What to do when a power spike or outage occurs

When the power has been lost even if only for a few seconds you should check that all your DVR's are still recording. This is best done about 5 minutes after the power was lost. Sometimes what can occur is the DVR restarts and cameras are seen on the display but the DVR is not actually recording, in which case you should first enter the DVR menu and restart the DVR to see if this resolves the issue. An inability to connect to a DVR remotely can be an indication that a DVR has experienced a power issue and the DVR and possibly the modem/router may need to be re-started.

DVR Maintenance and Settings

The DVR is one the most important pieces of equipment in a CCTV surveillance system, as it records and manages your video footage. It is often working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So the importance of maintaining your surveillance recorder cannot be underestimated.
Camvex recommends the following to help keep your recorder running as long as possible.

Daily Maintenance Check list

Weekly Maintenance Check list

Monthly Maintenance Check list

6 Monthly Maintenance Check list

Day light Saving Time check