Multi-Platform CCTV (MP-CCTV)  

Analogue CCTV

What is Analogue CCTV?

Analogue CCTV is the oldest of all the CCTV platforms. It uses coaxial cable to transmit analogue signals over cable lengths of around 200m, without being repeated or amplified. Analogue CCTV is the most proven platform for CCTV, but is being replaced by higher resolution platforms like IP and HD-SDI

Benefits of Analogue

  • Cheapest
  • Easy to source
  • Well proven and reliable
  • Smooth motion
  • Less complex to implement than IP or ONVIF

Drawbacks of Analogue

  • Based on old technologies
  • Lower picture quality in most cases
  • No inbuilt intelligence or analytics on the camera
  • No 'edge storage' options available from camera


For every analogue camera you wish to install, you must have a coaxial cable run to the location of the camera. Each analogue camera you add to the system must be plugged into a spare input on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). If no inputs are available you must purchase another DVR unit with enough inputs.